Why would a guy not respond to a message?

This guy I like sent me a text asking What you doing?

It took me an hour or so to respond cause I was busy at work. Then wrote back saying I was working and on my lunch break.

Got no response. Maybe a should have been a bit more flirty? LoL. Have not sent a message back. Just letting it go and doing my own thing.

Why ask a question and not respond to an answer?


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  • I think texting is overall a poor way to primarily communicate with someone because what you say is like 7% of communication and you lose 90% of what is really being said through body language and voice tone. He's probably just busy or plays games regarding how long he should wait to respond. I guess people don't want to feel desperate right so he's probably trying to impress you by not communicating timely, implying he important with stuff to do.

  • i've had so many arguments over "why didn't you reply?" type of sh*t and it always turns out to be something stupid. like phone died, or fell asleep or just got busy. I wouldn't read in to it too much. if he texted first then he'll reply

    • Yep. He has been initiating texts. All good there. Just was wondering that's all.

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