He said wanted to see me, will call but never did. I texted if he changed his mind but he wouldn't answer. Why

This guy saw me at a store and posted an ad on craigslist. We met, then he disappeared for few months. Then we met again, I liked him, we had sex.

It turned out he lived with a girlfriend, but said he didn't want to be with her anymore, but is staying because of their daughter. And also she supports him at the times when he is unemployed.

His girlfriend found out about us and was mad at him.

He was telling me he was in a middle of a big fight with her. But at the same time he was obsessed for about 24 hrs straight sending me sexual messages, pics of his penis, begging for my photos and saying how much he wanted me.

He was worried a lot about his girlfriend kicking him out and that he will be left "out in a cold on my own". I told him that I can disappear from his life if it would make things easier for him. He didn't respond to that question.

Then he said "I will call you when I can" but never did. About a week later I got tired of waiting and sent him a message "Do you still want to see me? If not it is OK, but please let me know". Again, no response. I don't understand why. I can totally understand if he decided he is afraid to loose his family and is not gonna see me anymore. But why cannot he just say so? It is so frustrating. If his girlfriend ever found out, it would make him look even better in her eyes if he told me he will never see me.

I don't understand what the problem is. Why is it so difficult to let me know if he doesn't want to see me rather than ignoring me. He was sending me sexual messages every few minutes, so he is obviously capable of sending a message when he wants to.

Why such disregard now?

I just want to have some closure. I am perfectly fine if he doesn't want to see me. But I would really like him to say that. Ignoring feels very disrespectful.


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  • I read this over a few times. His problem could be a money problem to the extent that he could be made homeless and is reaching out to you because he is unhappy. But at the same time has basic need of a roof over his head.

    Another aspect of this is that I don't think his actions toward you show much consideration, it may be due to his plight, or his character. Whichever it is, I just think it's best for you to move on rather than to expect a proper closure from this fellow.

    • Thank you. No consideration is exactly what upsets me in this situation. It is his character. I observed him disregarding other people as well, but really wanted him to be nice to me.

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  • Well it is easy to see that he is a douchbag in the first place, so why would you not expect him to act this way with you.

    • Thanks for your response. I guess I am not a good judge of character. I expected him to act nicely with me because in the beginning he wrote many beautiful things, that I was the most beautiful woman he has seen in his life and that he would give everything up for me. Nobody ever said such beautiful things to me in my life, and it took my breath away. So, I expected him to be a nice guy who liked me. I hope it doesn't sound too stupid, but how could you tell that he is a douchbag?