This guy left me his number, should I call or what should I do?

Hey I was at the university library studying and this guy sat close and kept staring etc about 2 hours later he left and got his friend (a girl) to come up to me and leave me a piece of paper saying '...text me, the guy in the green sweater, you're cute.'

I just got dumped like 2 months ago, I'm really not looking for a relationship or to get involved with anything with anyone for a very long time... but I don't know... I guess I have to move on right? He was cute, no harm in getting to know someone knew, or does leaving a girl your number like that means he thinks I'm easy, why didn't he just do it himself instead of getting his friend to do it!?

thanks guys, I know for definate I'm not over my ex bumped into him yesterday and got so nervous I blushed and stuttered and then felt like I looked stupid! yeah I guess you never know, may just even end up as friends... how long should I wait before texting him? anmd what do I even say? I normally shrug this stuff off but I need to get over my ex.


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  • Call him anyway) You are cute and that's enough to make a call.


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  • He's obviously a little shy. If you're not sure what you want, maybe that kind of guy would be a good test to see if you're over being dumped. He's probably not going to stalk you or anything.

  • I'd text him and say hi, see where it takes you :)


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