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I met a girl at a monster truck show that neither of us are the type of person to go to, and we have a friend in common but never have met besides that once. Would she think it was funny if I asked her two months later to meet and said something like "come on, think about it, we'll have the coolest 'how we met' story if we end up getting along."

Would this be seen as cute or just stupid?


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  • Waiting 2 months is the only deal breaker I see here. So, if you two had just met a week ago and you called her and said that, it would be funny. But to me it would now point out how long it has been since you actually met. Also, never add something like "If we end up getting along". I get it, maybe you won't, but she already knows that too. It sounds negative.

    So, call her and make some small talk that will point out why you have not called for 2 months without sounding like you are telling your life story or apologizing. Ask her how she has been and what she has been up to and show some interest in her, then ask her on a date. Have a day and place in mind and call her 3 to 4 days before then. Good luck!

    • I'm in medical school and she knows that, is being busy with school a good enough reason?

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    • Hopefully you don't think Facebook is a terrible way to reach her, I just messaged her that. You should let me know how you feel about that!

    • Hopefully you did not ask her out with a message. Contacting her by Facebook to say hello and ask her how she is doing is a great lead-in but you should ask for a date over the phone (not texting either).

  • I met a guy I knew from year 2 (elementary school), and he recognized me when I was walking on the opposite side of the road when I was in year 11, we dated for a little while


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