Big issue with an introverted(shy) guy, not sure what to do.

Okay, so, last summer, I started hanging out with these guys. One of them is extroverted and has become pretty much my best friend. The other one is introverted. (and I'm kind of in the gray area between introverted and extroverted). Anyway, by December, I had developed a crush on the introverted guy. And I don't doubt that the feelings were reciprocated. Well, one night, we all had gotten drunk and were hanging out and the extroverted guy persuaded me to blow him (slutty, I know, don't judge. it gets worse anyway.), and I did. He didn't bust one or anything, but immediately following that (at least I got a sip of beer first), I made my way to where the introvert was and kissed him. After which, the extrovert told him what I had previously done. Well, needless to say, that messed us up bad. I would have been mad at me too. But I felt awful. Well, now the introvert and myself have patched that wound up and have gotten closer as friends, but I don't know if he'd ever want to take it past that. I do. My feelings were only put on the back burner. And now I can't keep them to myself anymore. I started out by picking at him...which led me to being drunk and obnoxious and in his face about it. But I cooled my jets. This past weekend though, we were sort of left alone and pretty much just hung out by I feel like I'm making progress, I just don't want to jump the gun. I really like this guy. I only hope he likes me back. The only thing I can say that he does to indicate that he might is he looks at me a lot. Sometimes he'll grin at me. He's not too keen on texting a lot. And isn't used to female attention because he's so withdrawn. And he's not physical with anyone at all. I know it's not a lot to work with, but I need serious advice on this one. I don't want it to be a broken heart situation.


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  • Personally, if it were me I would be extremely pissed at you and would not give you a chance at a relationship. Why would I trust a girl that liked me but still gave head to another guy? I would assume that you would just cheat later on.

    • that's like me saying I wouldn't ever date a guy that wasn't a virgin because I was afraid he would cheat on me. he knows I know I screwed up. the extrovert knows it too and I've told him I don't know how many times that if I could take it back I would because all I wanted was the introvert. I was drunk and I messed up bad.

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    • touche. so basically, I should just give it up? even if he's forgiven what I've done? even though if I could do that night over again and take it all back just so I could be with him and despite all my sincerity, I should just give up?

    • No. He isn't me. Talk to him and find out how he feels.

  • tell him you have feelings for him and you want to be more then friends

    • it's been indicated. I promise. I just don't want to move too fast on this one. had I not screwed up back in December I feel like we probably would have already been dating...maybe...i just don't know he's truly been able to forgive me for that...we're okay as friends...past that, I don't know.

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