Guys- why do you disappear after hooking up?

Say you're about 19 years old, meet a girl and she likes you so you talk and hang out for a couple weeks, maybe a month and then have sex, but after you have sex once or twice you stop wanting to hang out with them and end things. Doesn't it mean something that you had sex? Why would you just go away so fast?


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  • For some people sex isn't about a meaningful connection or intimacy. There are men who like the chase and once that initial thrill is gone they move on. I think it is their loss because sex is very seldom the best the first time with a person.

    • Your sentence seems pretty odd at the end of that post. I have trouble understanding what you mean.

    • What do you need clarified? It means what it says. The first time is seldom the best time when it comes to sex. It takes time to develop chemistry.

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  • For some people, the thrill of getting someone into bed with them is all they were after.

    In other cases, it's because the person changed drastically after they've slept together, and is no longer the same person they were interested in.


    Originally was cool with hanging out once a week, now wants to hang out every day.

    A messy room used to not be a big deal, but now it's considered unacceptable.

    Instead of a text every few days, now it's a text every few hours.


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  • Because he was just using her for sex

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