How do I change my situation?

I have been dating this guy for almost 6 months. I have already brought up being exclusive but he wasn't too responsive so I told him I was moving on. I started dating other guys but then he apologized and kept asking me out. So we started seeing each other again, but he still has his dating profile up online and still goes on it. I met this guy and he seemed nice so I went out with him last weekend. This guy got pissed and was like I haven't dated anyone else this whole time. But he's been on his dating profiles this whole time so what is the difference? He said he doesn't want me to date other guys, and hasn't been going out with other girls, but still won't commit. I told him I want to be exclusive and he said he's confused because I'm dating other guys. I am doing that because he won't commit! I really like him but this is driving me nuts!


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  • "We're not exclusive, because you haven't agreed to be exclusive with me. Because of that, I've been dating other people. If you want me to be exclusive to you, you should commit to me - until that happens, I will continue dating other people."

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