How long after a fight will you wait to contact a guy you are seeing or like?

I was somewhat seeing a girl unofficially for 4 months, having sex, talking every day, hanging out like once a week, really into each other but not dating because she just got out of a serious relationship and wasn't ready to jump back in yet. It was up and down and periodically she would pull back and needed space and up until this weekend things were good. We spent the night together Thursday night and had a great night and had sex and then Friday she ended up going to a concert with her ex and told me Saturday morning. This caused an argument Because she admitted part of her still wanted to be with him but not at this point and she felt she needed to figure things out before we could continue being physical but could still talk and hang out. Keep in mind I am 30 and she is 27. We decided to still go out dancing Saturday night and we both drank a lot and bickered over multiple issues and when one of her friends left she just went up to the bar paid her tab and I was like are you leaving and she said yes and I said I wanted to talk and she said no I want to go home I will call you and we argued because I didn't want her to leave like that and she kept fighting it so I walked outside to get out of the bar and when she came out I was standing near her car and she was with one of the regulars who sometimes helps out with security and he kept telling me to leave and I said no Because I was drunk and being stupid but I didn't yell or threaten or swear I just said I wanted to talk to her. This went on for a few minutes then he grabbed me and pulled me away from her car and she didn't say anything and drove off. I called and left a voice mail apologizing and also sent a long text the next morning saying I was sorry and I was really drunk and that I care about her a lot and love her and I let my emotions get the best of me. She only responded OK, and I said can we talk for a minute and she said not now and I said OK. That was almost 3 days ago... will she ever contact me? Is it possible to at least salvage a friendship?


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  • I believe that she knows she's hurting you by telling you how she feels about her ex. She knows you like her a lot and she probably just needs time to think about what she really wants. I honestly think that its unfair for you to deal with her tantrums. But that's just my opinion. I can see that she would rather run from a situation than work through it! Do you really want a girl that is not going to give you a fair chance simply because she still stuck with the last guy she was with? Do you really deserve to pay for broken plates you didn't break? She found comfort in you that her ex is not giving her. Give her time... She's as confused as you are.. She doesn't know whether she wants to move on or not. She probably like you and is physically attracted to you but she's not ready to move on. If you really like her time is all you can give her. and respect her space. Keep in mind that she will call you back... I know it because I was in her position not so long ago..! it just takes time for her to sort things out..!

    P.S She's a grown woman 27, she knows what she wants. She's probably having a hard time saying it!


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  • I think as you have already apologized and explained ... you need to step back and leave her to it and if she comes back then you are lucky

  • 5minutes


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