What is wrong with me - it's driving me insane?

I'm a 19 year old first year uni student

i care and respect girls and I don't like to take advantage of them at them

I have ever had one girlfriend aka my ex (who I still love like crazy) and I like this girl I started to talk to recently

anyway me and my ex broke up about 9 months and she has had 3 boyfriends since me and I have had none I was at the pub a few minutes ago and left early

when I go out I try and get a one night stand and I never do but tonight was different I got "offered" one and I lied and turned it down

i would like to know if anyone has been through this and if not is there something wrong with me


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  • I don't believe there is anything wrong with you. It sounds like you might be a rare male who actually wants a connection of some sort with his sexual partner. Granted the majority of males out there do not require such a thing. You still being in love with your ex probably has something to do with it. If your heart is committed someone else, then it would be difficult to truly enjoy yourself in a one night stand with someone you don't really know or care about. But the fact is, if you're not comfortable or don't want to have sex with someone then don't feel bad. Be proud you actually have a heart that you're ruled by.

    • thanks that makes me feel better

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  • You're a respectable young man, that's what you are! By you turning down a one night stand means you ain't just thinking with your d**k! Well done! This means women will respect you even more and the next girl you have will be lucky to have a guy like you. One night stands are meaningless, having a lady in your life and being sensitive and initimate with her alone is the best way.