Who pays on the second date - we're students?

We're both college students, him one year younger than me.

We met on a college course trip and had a one night stand but kept in contact after.

The first date we went for dinner, it was 2 for one but he paid, then we went for drinks and took turns paying in rounds, he paid the taxi home.

All the other dates I've gone out with have been with working men so they always insist paying for me but this time its different cause we're both students with part time jobs.

It's going to be our second date and we're going to the movies. Who should pay?

When we're getting tickets do I just buy one for myself, or buy two?

Sorry for analyzing it too much -just don't want it to be awkward!


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  • i'd say go 50/50 on the first date cause why would I spend all my money on a girl I might never have anything to do with again? its ridiculous, and I'm sayin that as a person that doesn't really care about spending money.

    this is what me and my ex would do:

    one of us would pay for both tickets, and the other for the food.

    usually I would pay for the tickets cause it was more expensive than paying for the food(even tho she had a part time job and I only had money from when I got to go to work with my uncle).

    that system worked out pretty well for us.

    if you really wanna make it fair, just flip a coin!


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  • Since you're both students and thus both poor, I'd say for him to offer to pay for you is a social norm more Han anything. Unless both of you have worked out a system, it seems he's being the chivalrous guy here so in the case of tickets, ask or expect that you'll buy your own, unless you want to get even for him paying for dinner.

  • id buy em both so he doenst feel like you are just using him

    if he says anything you can tell him he can pay next time

  • the guy should always pay for everything...I think. If he doesn't it loses it's chivalry and respect. He's taking you out, you're the finer sex.

  • Idk I always paid for my dates, but there's no reason for it to be awkward. You just offer to pay for yourself if he says no great if he says ya than pay

  • In this age of equality that women want, the woman should always pay her way.


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