2 girls at work I'm confused - What's going on? Girls insight greatly appreciated.

So I work events sometimes, and the first time at a new place I meet this girl who is really good looking, we will call her girl (A) for now, and I think she's feeling me, and I'm definitely feeling her. A week later I find out she has a boyfriend, so I'm like never mind no point getting involved in that but we still stay in contact. A little while after, at the same event place I meet another girl (Girl B) she's also nice & single we get talking. Later out the blue she adds me on fb though the first girl (A) mentioned above. We talk on fb quite a bit and I ask her out and she agrees and seems really happy to come out with me, (we haven't gone out yet) she writes on my wall text me etc the usual. Now here's the dilemma, yesterday she speaks to me on fb and says that girl (A) said that we should all go out for drinks, and then goes on to say '' I think she likes you'' and I say ''What would make you think that?'' and she said ''because she told me, we were talking about you earlier at work'' then goes on to ask ''Do you like her?'' Obviously I still do, so I tried to play it cool and ask ''What exactly did girl (A) say to you?'' and girl (B) said ''hehehe I'm not telling you, she would kill me if she found out I told you, but let's just say she doesn't love her boyfriend and can't see it going anywhere with him.''

So who do I do go for girl (A) or (B)? I don't want to hurt anybodies feelings. Also what is girl (B) playing at? lol

Sorry for the long story.


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  • seems like girl B doesn't actually like you she was just trying to help her mate girl A to get with you! go with your gut though and don't just listen to girl B find out from girl A if she likes you,


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  • Go with your gut, but tbh do you want to go out with a girl who is willing to leave her boyfriend? What if she does the same to you later down the line?

    • That's true.. and thank you. What do you think the second girl is playing at though?

    • Well if she's playing with you, move on and forget them both. Head games are childish and pathetic, find a girl who is honest, genuine and you can trust :) good luck!

  • U get into a relationship because you like the person not because you feel pity for them

    • True, I like them both though, but haven't really got to know either of them well enough to make a real decision, I just don't wanna come off like I'm playing them both, if that makes sense?

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