When do I call again?

I worked with a fun women named Elizabeth for a couple years or so. She got a new job not in walking distance from the old one so I stopped in the other day (it's been a year now since she quit, but we have seen each other around). I asked if her if she wanted to go out for drinks on Saturday and she said 'Yes just call me'. That was Monday. Today I left her a voice mail. Haven't heard back. Maybe she works late. IDK.

If I don't hear back from her by when, should I try again and how?

Some typos above. 'woman named Elizabeth' and her new job is in the same mall as where we worked together, so walking distance.
Which I am a little, so yeah should at least fake not being desperate haha


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  • i wouldn't communicate with her till fri, if she wants to go she will contact you.. I mean you did leave a voice message, you don't wanna look desperate.


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  • tomorrow maybe or Friday.


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