Can I text an acquaintance to ask if he's going to a wedding?

I know this guy from church - he's a friend of a friend basically. I have his phone # because he trained my dog and we are FB friends. Typically we have a very short conversation once a week. I'm definitely interested in him and sometimes I suspect he might be interested in me or there is a hint of some light flirting. I want to ask if he's going to a mutual friend's wedding soon but I don't know if it's even OK to ask if someone's going to a wedding if you don't know for sure they were even invited! And I don't know if it's OK for me to randomly text the guy about something so casual when I usually don't do that. And I should stress, I don't want to ask him to come with me to the wedding as a date-I'm just curious if he's going. Can I ask that without looking like I'm obviously hitting on him? Help! lol


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  • I say ask him, and if he's not invited bring him as your date, if you can! lol But really, adults realize that not everyone can be invited to a wedding. He won't be insulted.

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