First date idea and what to look for?

Is it lame for a first date to take a girl somewhere relaxing and laid back and have a drink so we can talk to get to know each other better than we do? Figured we could talk have a few laughs to see if there is anything there. Thoughts? I am picking her up around 8 pmish. I just want it to be fun and laid back

I am kind of old fashion in a sense that I like to open doors and such, is that lame.. its who I am so I do not think its bad. Is it OK to start the date with a hug or at least end with a hug?

How can I tell if she is having fun and is enjoying herself while on the date? If things go well how do I approach a second date. I hate games, but I know not to say anything that night unless she brings it up. After the date I won't see her for a bit because she is going a few hours away for some summer classes.


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  • Just be yourself. It's not lame to just go get a drink at all, to me that's much better than let's say going to a movie because you actually get to know each other.

    It is OK to start the date with a hug, just don't be too tense about anything. See her as a friend rather than "the girl you like". You'll be much more open to her and she'll get to know the real you.

    If she's constantly texting while on the date, or if she isn't paying attention at all, then she isn't enjoying it. If she just keeps talking with you and laughs now and then she's having a good time.

    If you want to go on another date with her, just tell her "we should definitely do this again some time." when you drop her off or tell her goodbye. You'll see her reaction to that and you can ask her for another date in the next couple of days/weeks.

    Being yourself is the key to it all. If she doesn't like you for being you, then it's not worth putting any effort in it because you can't drastically change the way you are. And you shouldn't try to either, no matter who it is. Good luck! :)


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  • Dinner and something like mini golf a movie is dead time of no talking so it is not a good get to know you thing


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  • Have you met in person yet?

    Yes, You should be a car door...(any doors)...etc etc. Zero touching! Only touch if your helping her out the car...or going up steps...something like that. Guys always touch too soon! Only she knows the right time to touch. If she touches you...thats great...but don't touch back! Having fun...she will be smiling...laughing..looking into your eyes...asking you questions...etc. Only give her 2 compliments on the date. First one when you first see her...(you look very nice tonight)...Second one...when you're dropping her off at her door step...(Amanda...thanks for the fun time). You must not talk about the future with her at ALL...even if she does bring it up. Don't say..see ya to ya later...I'll call even think about a second date. NO FUTURE TALK!