Guys - what is your age limit for girls?

How old are you, and what is the oldest and the youngest girl you would date ?

And why do you prefer older girls ? =/


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  • i am 19. personally, I don't date caucasian women. I've never dated one and I'm not attracted to them because I'm so much more attracted to asian women. and asian women age much better (from a caucasian male point of view) so I would even like to date a woman who's like 35, I would find it so exciting. my ex girlfriend was 24. I had a crush on my japanese teacher too lol

    the youngest I would date... mmh... 15 or 16 I think. of course it depends on the personality and her experience with boys, I wouldn't want to use my age to seduce her and all...

    for a caucasian woman I wouldn't date older than me.

    • I know what you mean, I know this Asian woman that's in her mid 30s and she is a absolute babe. The 20 year old girls I see at school can't compare to her usually (regardless of race).

    • Can I just ask, why would you be attracted to someone as young as 15? or what would attract you to that girl? Because I'm 18 and id find it hard to get in a relationship with someone who is 16 if they were still at school. I'm not saying its bad or anything I'm just trying to understand this guy I know. Thanks :)

    • I just say that because last year, when I was studying english in a language school, I fell in love with a girl and she was 15 ( I was 18 at the time). she looked more like my age and seemed mature for her age. so I usually wouldn't date a girl who is really young but if we are on the same level (you know guys are mentally three years younger than what their age is and girls three years older mentally) then I would not let something like this come between us.

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  • I'm 28. Youngest I would go would be 21 I think (gotta be old enough to legally get into a bar or club with me), though I can see myself making exceptions for that in rare cases as long as she was legal. Oldest I would go would be maybe 40 or so.

    Older women are attractive because younger girls like making a game out of dating that tends to push a lot of guys away when the guys don't play along because they don't want to deal with bullsh*t. Older women have been around enough to realize that those games lead nowhere and only cause stress in the long run and cut through the bullsh*t.

  • im 18. The oldest women I would date would probably be 21, unless there was something exceptional about her. The youngest girl I would date would probably be 16. And ill answer xxangel1990xx's question from my point of view. It would be kinda an ego thing. In the fact that they make you feel a bit more mature, a bit smarter (well two years old school do make a difference) and you feel like you can take care of them. And well some 16 year olds are 'cute'. Not so much sexy, or hot, in that way. But more to the cute and innocent look. Even though I would date a 16 year old, I wouldn't do anything sexual until they were at least 17 to 18.

    • Well my opinion is that it's not right if a girl is older than a guy.

      whats next ? a girl will be stronger than a guy ? =/

  • Usually either a year below/above me. If I'm desperate I'd go up to three years, but not more than that.

    Older girls have more experience, more maturity, as well as other characteristics that guys like myself find attracted to.


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