Boys: How do I keep him interested?

I am leaving for the summer at the end of May. We will be busy for two months and I am coming back in August. This guy says he is really interested in me. We have awesome date yesterday. He told me he had a great time and we have been seeing each other for two weeks. He wants to fit me in his busy schedule as much as possible and he told me that he wants to see where it goes and likes where it is going. Plus he texts me first and he says he wants to keep seeing me and wants this to work. I live only an hour and a half away during the summer then I come back for school then I end up being less than five minutes away.

How do I keep him interested over the summer? I really like this guy and want to seriously start dating. It seems like we are seeing each other how do I find out should I just straight up ask him?

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  • Don't put a lot of stock into what he says. Instead...see watch to see if his ACTIONS are consistently backing up his words. Wait until after the 4-5 date...and if he has been nothing short of awesome...respectful..polite...a complete gentleman to you...then ask him if he would like to be exclusive. If you want to keep him interested...its best that you not be too available. You can still show him interest and still be a little of a challenge...and mysterious to him. The bottom line is...if he's into you..HE WILL NOT FORGET YOU...OR LOOSE INTEREST IN YOU AFTER 2 MONTHS. It will be easier for you to lose interest in him. Communicate with him just enough to keep him interested. Joke with, and tease him (phone or texting) about the future while including him in it here and there.


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  • Live 1h30 away ? If he likes you he'll take his car on week-ends.

    • he did say that he will find a way to see me =)

  • You're young, dating for only 2 weeks, and you have a 2 month break coming up.

    Definitely take it as it comes, and don't worry about things like exclusivity.


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