How to get my girlfriend to have respect for me once again?

As the title suggests, How would you say I get my girlfriend to respect me once again? As she has being straying off talking to guys who she met at uni and I told her I didn't agree and she told me she wouldn't mind if I talked to girls and what ever. as she said I am with her and she's with me, you get the picture.

She wouldn't do this if she respected me, so how do I reverse the situation? Less needy/insecure? act more like a jerk, or act more nice?

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  • im in your shoes :( sorta

    i get worried and I think too much when he wants privacy. like deleting historys and not giving me his phone for any reason. I know he talks to girls and its fine...but to the point he NEVER introduced me to any? and he still deletes history? I honestly have no idea how acts around a girl. that's what bothers me... its not that I'm jealous, I'm just afraid :/

    me on the other hand, goes to guys houses and sleep over. I tell him everything I did with them because that's just how I am. I show him conversations I've had with guys that are flirting w/me. he's perfectly fine with me chilling and talking to guys cause he trust me. he knows he can definitely trust me that ill never do anything to hurt him because I worry, I worry that he would leave me for someone else.

    if I have that much guy friends and I had so much chance to f*** a guy... why would I go back to my boyfriend and waste my time fighting with him about our issues, when I can just leave him for someone else?

    • dont be a jerk...youll push her away more lol

      its normal to feel a little insecure :/

    • LOLOLOL I just realized I didn't answer anything

      just cause she talks to guys doesn't mean she doesn't respect you. you can't stop her from talking to her friends. you don't control her life. just cause you're insecure doesn't mean she's actually doing things with them. how bout just open up and talk to her about things. ask her what she's been doing lately. if you aren't happy with what she did...well there's not much to do there except leaving or ask her to change her lifestyle.

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  • Drop her, she is done with you. Don't worry there are millions of girls out there that would love to have you. MOve on dude. Don't get so hung up on this girl she does not deserve you.


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  • Wait wait, she's just talking? That's it, talking? Or are we talking like, flirting with them and things like that?

    Don't get me wrong, in a relationship you need to understand that just because it's okay with you, doesn't mean it's okay with your partner. But this is different, this is small and honestly trivial. She should be allowed to talk to a guy man.

    • thanks, not the answer I was looking for but thanks

  • Er, merely talking to people has nothing to do with how much she "respects" you. It sounds like she has a very mature outlook on it, actually. There's nothing you can do to passive-aggressively convince her to not talk to people.

    • its a little more than talking, she is constantly on her phone, from leaving the house, to coming home, I can't ask her what she's saying, but I have been burned in the past and can't help think she;s flirting. I can't ask without coming across as insecure. Its catch 22

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    • she has told me that I can talk to girls, go for drinks with them etc and she wouldn't care. I don't know if this is good or bad as its never been like this for me before haha. I don't want to push her away as she's put up with my sh*t for over a year, and still with me. She said if I didn't want to live with her, she would just get her friend(s) to live with her. And she doesn't show a lot of emotion. She is rather tough when it comes to that.

    • It's probably just because she trusts you. I mean, if you want her to care more about you talking to other girls, you could try to make her think you're cheating on her, but that's complete sabotage and you'd probably end up single :P

      I guess my only advice is to keep talking to her about it and maybe she can help you understand her perspective and why talking to people isn't a big deal.

  • You are being very insecure.

    She is *talking* to people. That's all. And you get your knickers in a twist over it.

    If you want her to respect you, how about you don't act like such an insecure guy?

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