Is there any reason you would decline going out to lunch with a woman?

I want to take the guy I started dating, and now-we are just hooking up, out to lunch for mothers day. Why? Because I think guys do not get enough credit and always take the girl out. I think it might help him a little to open more up to me. He always talks about his mom. However she died 8 years ago. I think the reason we went from dating to hooking up because he thinks I am uninterested. I want to listen to him, while getting closer emotionally towards him. I will be picking up the bill which takes some stress away from him. He seems to be having a hard time with things lately.

Now my question, I KNOW this is a sensitive subject for him because he does bring up his mother quite frequently. If he does not bring it up on Mothers day, should I not say anything?

I was going to try and avoid the subject but that is the main reason I am hanging with him on Sunday, so he does not have to be alone. I can tell that he was fairly close to his mother because every time he talks of his mother, his face changes.

How do I let him know that if he wants to talk, he can talk to me? He already knows, just by talking with me, that I am a nonjudgmental and open person. I am hoping that by taking the initiative to ask him out, that he will trust me more.

Advice? Positive and Negative Feedback? Much Appreciated. :)


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  • i wouldn't do mothers day, he'll feel like a charity case. sure take him out for dinner and let him talk to you about it if he wants to, he'll probably really love that, but steer clear of the day itself.

  • That seems very nice & sweet, let him know you understand & are sorry about his loss of his mom, I would actually give him flowers for her outa of respect & appreciation that his mom had a great son, but would not open up a touchy subject on her special day, comfort him & let him know your ther for him if he needs somebody & a person to talk to, try not to lead the convo about her, let him lead it,Good luck!


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