When a guy tells you he finds your friend beautiful?

Me and this guy were sort of flirting in a funny way and we've been doing this for a while, when out of nowhere he just tells me "L.., is very beautiful, isn't she ? " few minutes before he had already told her she looked good today. He's a guy who compliments anyone so I didn't pay much attention to it.

But why say it to me, especially since she's my friend and we always hang out together?

Was he trying to gauge my reaction? Is he trying to tell me he's interested in her and not in me?


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  • Men who compliment often (means that in their eyes there really is no diamond in the dozen). Everyone has some form of beauty in their own way. But because he complimented her more than once, and then used the word "beautiful" could be saying that he really admires her. Perhaps he has a thing for her.

  • He could be trying to tell you that he likes her and not you, that would upset me and I wouldn't flirt with him anymore

    • yeah right! I didn't even know what to answer to this. He's a guy who really compliments everyone anyway, I heard him tell so many girls they looked good, including me.. so I don't know if I shouldn't over analyse it.

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