Why do good people get screwed over for the hot or bad person?

This is my opinion but good people get screw over a lot of the time (well that is what I noticed). Anyways, I realized that most guys see me as someone fun and funny to hang out with which I really do appreciate. I have classmates who have significant other invite me to dinner and drink before class. I haven't have such a great group of people around me but I realized that my classmates who are single are into "hot girls" and I am not "hot". I am your typical average tom girl who some guys tell me that I am a sweetheart (I think it is a joke).

I guess what I concluded is that it sucks to be me. The guys I do try to make friends with are competitive and would screw me over if they could to win. The guys that are into me are really not my type (I tried to date guys who are nerdy and I realized that I am just forcing myself). So in conclusion, I am alone as always (at 23) and I intimidate guys because I am a nice and friendly girl (which drive some guys to pick on my close guy friend). I am tired and could use some advice to why I am getting screw over for the "hot girl".

Thanks in advance.


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  • hmmm I don't really like how you are stereotyping that if you're an attractive person you must be a bad person as well. :(


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  • Because that evil hot girl knows how to make guys lust after her and sometimes lust is stronger than love.

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