What does this version of "I want to take things slow" mean

Been talking to this girl for about two weeks (phone and text) and we went to lunch on Thursday. Before we met, we both established what we wanted, which is we both miss being in a committed relationships. I have had long term relationships in the past, as has she. So she mentioned to me if things went good on our date, she would want to date me but take things slow... Our lunch date went great. We hugged and I kissed her on the cheek goodbye--knowing she said she wanted to take things slow.

So we talked on the phone again yesterday and she said the same thing that she likes me and she wants to take things slow. She basically told me she wants to go out with me and slowly build into a committed relationship.

So we are going out tomorrow night for dinner at a semi-nice restaurant in Santa Ana (by her place) Should I NOT try to kiss her knowing she wants to go slow or just let her lead the way? I'm not shy, but I also don't want to come across as being disinterested because I do like her and see her as girlfriend material. It sounds like this version of "I want to take things slow" is good--because she told me she's gone on like 2 dates in the past with different people and then they become an exclusive couple and it never works out.


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  • "I want to take things slow" - I do not want to rush things.

    I want to get to know you, and establish a meaningful connection with you.

    After coming out of a relationship where my heart was left broken I told my current boyfriend this.

    He took me out, and remained patient with me.

    He called me every now and then, but sent text messages almost daily saying

    He hopes my day goes well.

    Within a few months he captured my heart.

    You don't have to kiss her but you can still show her affection.

    A) Hold her hand while you are walking with her in public.

    B) Put your arm around her.

    C) Give her compliments.

    D) Give her a hug, or kiss her on the (forehead, cheek, or hand).

    E) Have manners by opening the door for her, or pulling out her chair.

    Show your interest is still there, but do not come on too strong. (Allow her breathing space), do not put any pressure on her decision.

    • Call her every few days or text every 3-4 days. Allow a healthy amount of distance.

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  • yeah go out with her and be a gentleman, give her a kiss on her cheek before the night end, she probably thinks you respect her feelings , maybe she will give you signal and wanna kiss you back! it happens! ;)

  • It sounds like 'I still need my space'. Just let her lead but make sure to sound interested in her while on your date.


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