Would you think of this as obsessive?

If a guy phone calls a girl twice in 10 minutes? I'm just curious as to what a guy is thinking when he does this, or what a typical girl would think if this ever happens to her..or if anyone else has had a similar situation like this?


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  • Did I dial the first number correctly? I'll dial again just to make sure.

    Perhaps he has something really exciting or bad to say and didn't want to leave it on a message.

    • haha..well:) perhaps..except I haven't seen of talked to this guy for over a month. hmm...

    • Leans more toward the idea that he has something important to say. Maybe he's self conscious about what he sounds like on voice mail. I personally don't think recordings of me sound that good.

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  • He might be obsessive... or he might have nothing better to do with his time than hassle you. If calls you 100 times in an hour, THAT is obsessive.


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  • It depends on what for. I personally like receiving phone calls that have a reason. If he's got a good reason for calling me twice in ten minutes, I'm ok.

    When it's calling just to say 'hi', or 'i love you', or 'just wondering where you are/what you're doing' I get a tad irked.

    my boyfriend will text me knowing I'm still at work and that I'll call him when I get a chance, but when I'm working, I can't constantly cater to his paranoia. When he does this, it bothers me to the point that I want to quit answering his calls all together.

    Calling twice in ten minutes- the second call had better be because he simply forgot to let me know something he meant to tell me in the first call. It's not really obsessive until he does it all the time, or he starts calling more and more.

    • The thing is I didn't answer the first call..and that's when the second call came in..

    • Hmm, I would say it's just an innocent double-check call. Might have had something he wanted to tell or ask you, but was too excited to wait, and hoped magically you'd answer the second call. If he'd called any more than that then I'd wonder...

      Sounds like a double-check though. Anyone would do it. :)