Serious girl problems..

I started talking to this girl that inboxed me off of fb. We started going on dates and hanging out for a month and a half and we really liked each other. I was planing to ask her out but then we had a huge fight because I said something about her best friend that she told me in secret and it got back to her best friend now she hates me...we were friends for a bit but she said she didn't trust me at all..we talked for a bit and I asked her if I could get a 2nd chance and she never answered then eventually she just stopped answering my texts all together...its been a few weeks should I contact her or leave her alone? I need advice she was just the kind of girl I needed :-/


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  • am really sorry for your loss but lets face it .. one of the worst things you can do is picking on your date friends (girls or guys) and what you did isn't that different .. I think you tried your best and she didn't give you the chance -and to be honest I totally agree with her- what you should do is go out meet new girls cause if you didn't you won't be able to get her out of your head .. trust me just move on !

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