How to get closer to a girl?

I'm going abroad this summer for a school class and traveling a lot in Europe for about 3 weeks. there's about 30 people in my class and the class has met once before a while ago for a lecture. I didn't really get to meet anyone yet, but saw a really nice looking girl that I'd definitely like to get to know/date. We haven't met yet so hopefully on the trip I'll get to meet her and talk. Since the class is pretty casual (not a lot of class work) we'll be traveling a lot and have a lot of freedom to go out in the evenings. How do I spend more time with her/hang out with her there without inviting myself or look desperate? I know she has friends going on the trip so she'll likely want to go somewhere with them.


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  • Handcuff yourself to her.

    • Yes great idea, I'll find some iron shackles in a medieval museum and lock us both in.

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    • Gee thanks I was joking lol. got a real helpful answer?

    • Hmm. Well you're traveling together. Find some cool landmark or room or piece of art to show her. And introduce yourself. :3

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