Why doesn't he like to text back?

my boyfriend likes to go out with his friends and I am all for that. Yet he'll go out on a day where he's suppose to see after work. So ill wait up for him. I'll ask him how late he'll be and I get no response I call like an hour later and he won't pick up. Two hours pass and Ill be in bed and its 2 am and he finally calls me back and says sorry wanting to see me. What I don't get is how hard is it just to respond and let me know what is going on instead of keeping me waiting like an idiot? I know if I did the same he would blow up my phone and he would be pissed.


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  • Yeah he's kinda being a dick. So here's a novel thought. Talk to him about it. Tell him how all of this is making you feel. Explain it to him and see if you can get him to stop. If he won't, then maybe he just doesn't respect your feeling. If you've already told him then wait for the next time he does this, and when he messages you at 2:00 you give him shit, and spell it out, and if he tries to brush it off, then brush him off. Either get some distance from him until he gives you a proper apology, or forget about all of that entirely, and break up with him.

    • I have talked to him about it. He said he would stop. but on the 10th he wrote me a message telling me that he was going out with a friend. The message was pretty much going out love you talk to you tomorrow( we usually talk after I get out of school so I found it usual). I just now discovered he went to a female coworks birthday party. we fought about this cowork before cause she out right flirts with him. I a little pissed... I not sure how to confront the issue.:(

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    • I am but I just don't know how to go about it. Wait until I see him or tell him I need to see him tonight.

    • The standard way of doing a "We need to talk" is to just say that by any means necessary.

      Even a text works. It's not like a breakup. It doesn't need to be in person. "We need to talk" can be said anyway anywhere. When you do, that's when you arrange a time to sit down. Any man in their right mind would see what that means and immediately respond to it and make time.

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  • Try not doing that. Let him be and he might change his tune. It's really not right if he can't even text you to tell you when or if he will drop by or be done but guys do like their freedom. put your phone on silent next time and don't answer tell him if he wants to see you or talk to you then he might have to start actually being considerate and telling you before hand or texting you to let you know what's up

  • you teach people how to treat you. obviously he can ignore you and then call you at 2am for a midnight truck stop (kwim?). Just have a cut off time when you will respond to his text say 10pm. "Joe if I text you and don't hear back from me, I don't like that. I'm not going to answer your texts after 10)." and then stick to it. If he ignores your texts, he doesn't get invited up. simple.