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Hey everyone so I met this girl online and we have been talking so much. long story short we meet at a club and basically dance and make out all night she text me at night saying how good it was meeting me and how fun I am. I know for sure she likes me. the only problem I am not sure how to play this one out. like I am I supposed to text her everyday or what do I do !

should I aske her out ? and when


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  • Sure, but call her too. Like call a few times a week, on days you don't call, text. But don't text all day long, that's too much. Take it easy. Get to know her. You don't want to be a stalker. lol You'll be fine.

    • thing is we used to text everyday before we met at this club and also the very next day but I decided not to text her today just because I felt it is too much. do you think she will find it all right if I didn't text considering we texted everyday before we actualy met

    • Yes, if you did everyday, then she'll think something's wrong. Either text or call once a day & do it about the same time, like at night. I always think it's nice to talk with your guy before bed. Just chat & see how your girl is doing, let her know you're thinking about her.

    • Thanks for B.A...Yes! By all means, ask her out. She'll love it. Have a great time.

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  • ASK HER OUT! jajaja Do us girls a favor and not continue to text forever because that has happened to me and I felt so sad, don't make it seem like you are not going anywhere with the flirting.

    • haha thank you I will certainly do ! ;)

    • This guy has been texting me forever and we met a while back, he just texts everyday and its VERY irritating because he won't make a move, that's why you should make a move...trust me if she is flirty in texts, she wants you to make a move.

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