Respone to date invite

I just recently mustered up the courage to ask out a girl I've liked for a long time.

I texted her and asked if she wanted to hangout sometime or see a movie, and she said , "yeah,maybe" "Im at a softball fundraiser roght now so Ill text you later."

I take it as this means

1. She wants me and doesn't wanna seem desperate

2. She wants to leave her options open while she decides

3. She wants to never text back and let me down easily.

We are both 15, I will see her at school Monday.

She hasn't texyed back, she said that at 6, and its 12 now. So hopefully tomorrow. How long do I wait before texting her again?

What do I say to her in person?

I feel like the ball is in her court.

My age says 30 because I put a random year in the registration (you get used to doing that growing up on the internet, with age restrictions and all) and I didn't know it was unchangeable.

I am, indeed, 15


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  • The ball is most definitely in her court. Unfortunately, I think #3 is the most likely explanation for her behavior. Look at it this way: If you were asked out by a girl you really liked, would you jeopardize your chances with her by saying "maybe" when she tried to arrange a date with you? Of course not! The same logic applies to her; she's giving you the brush-off because she's not interested.

    I wouldn't text her again, and I wouldn't say anything about a date to her in person. She already knows you're interested; she doesn't need to be reminded. If she's interested, she'll want to go on a date with you. If she's not interested, she'll give you wishy-washy answers, hoping you eventually get the hint and leave her alone.


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  • she doesn't sound like she's interested, if she was she wouldve made the effort to text you. buut! talk to her and just keep it light and be like oh hey, where did you go last night. you didn't text back are you algood? then what ever she says you will know if she interested or not.

  • It don't sound like she's interested if a girl likes you she would text back I hope everything works out for u

  • Why do you say you're 15, but your age next to name says 30-35? She is probably busy and it could mean anything. Usually people think it is the worst when actually it isn't that bad. Good Luck dear!

    • Cause you get used to putting random years I'm the registration field. I didn't know it was unchangeable. Thanks for the wish of good luck.

  • It could mean ANYTHING. Just wait it out and don't think about it too much or forget about it altogther.

    • I can't just forget about it! This girl is amazing!

    • okay but remember it could mean anything and she might just make you wait without saying anything too!

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  • Why does your profile say 30-35 years old, then?

    She's 15 so her thought process is rather erratic at best, but I'd guess it's #3 or she could have just forgotten. Yes, like most regular men, you run a risk of her forgetting about you - if she is attractive, she has a lot going on.

    A little persistence never hurts but never be needy or make it about her and the date. It should be like, "Hey, I am doing XYZ (with or without her) - how about you join me?" If she does not, the stuff isn't cool enough. So start doing cooler stuff. That way if you never ever see her again, at the absolute very least, you'll have done a ton of cool sh*t, and who knows whom else you'll meet doing it.

    • Yeah but 15 year olds don't respond to that kind of mature behavior. You have to create attraction inside the girl and make her want to spend time with you. Teenager girls are more interested in popularity stunts and what not. He'd be better off trying to figure out what she wants in a guy right now or impressing her friends. 15 year olds won't do anything if their friends will think badly of them.

  • Yeah, its option 3. If it was option 1, she'd say yes anyway, because you asked her, and she wanted you to. Option 2, and she might have simply waited a while before sending back any kind of text, and would have tried to delay any decision.

    In person, don't make a big deal out of it, and just try to move on. I know that if you like her, and have liked her for a long time (trust me, personal experience here), you'll think she's absolutely amazing and has no equal in the world. You are wrong.

    Important thing to do is, once she confirms that she doesn't want to go out with you, try and back away for a while, don't think about her (or think about her as little as possible) and attempt to move on.

    Kudos to you for having the guts to ask her out, even if it was by text. And I do hope I'm wrong and you two do go out sometime.

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