Emotional roller coaster relationships?

Is it normal to feel anxious at the beginning of a relationship?

1) Torn as to whether you should be letting it continue or not (I really like him, but I'm not really allowed to date outside my faith so he has to be a huge secret, something about him keeps my guard up a bit)

2) I'm a worrier and he contacts me every day often texting all day but if he leaves for a while to go out or whatever it makes me anxious.

3) I want sex, so does he, and I know it will probably happen soon, I am scared of the extra emotions that will bring because it does change things.

What to think? Are the beginning few weeks of dating someone supposed to be filled with anxiety or uncertainty mixed with bouts of happiness, or is this just my complicated situation making me nuts? My other boyfriends did not leave me this anxious but I was younger and didn't think as much back then. High school and college relationships are very different than these (out of college and he's a bit older and works)


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  • 1. if your faith is like this, then maybe your faith is a problem.

    2. you sound a bit needy. just calm down, he seems to be into you.

    3. godspeed, as they say.

    All in all, I think you're nervous and all because of 1. Internal struggle. You should put your imposed beliefs aside for a while and enjoy yourself.


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