What do you think I should wear?!!!!

Next time I see my crush should I act flirty, smile,etc... What do you think I should wear (the event is at a school) also how do I ask him for his number (I'm nervous)! Please help ! :)


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  • Don't feel inhibited or nervous (you can get his # from a common friend too)

    If you want the 'psychological/scientific rules', that depends on

    -your mental and or perceived age

    -his mental and or perceived age

    -how long you're acquainted

    -the number of girls turning around him usually

    -under which conditions you meet (which kind of event

    -how many persons are present

    -your personality (how bold you are)

    -his reputation

    -your reputation

    -his personality

    -if he has sister(s)

    -if you have brother(s)

    But that's really complicating things! LOL

    Don't take all that too seriously, just asking 'Btw, Joe, what's your #" can work wonders.


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  • Act YOURSELF. just be normal and have fun. How do you ask for his number? Just casually ask him to put his number in your phone with a nice smile on your face :) Don't get yourself all worked up woman! :P

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