He used to text me all the time

There's this guy I have been seeing he used to text me all the time and all of a sudden the texting has been tapering off... He used to wish me good night every night and for the past couple of nights he hasn't been doing that. Does that mean he's losing interest in me?Should I just take the hint and tell him let's just be friends?

He's also out of town right now and he's going to be out of town until memorial day is that the possible reason?


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  • "Should I just take the hint and tell him let's just be friends?" No need, since it seems he doesn't text you anymore.

    Maybe was he testing. Would you initiate the texting if he didn't ?

    Unless he had problems (stolen phone, accident or something), I think it's pretty obvious that you aren't the center of his attention anymore.

    • @Up : That might be the reason, if he's in a place without any kind of phone network or electricity ;)

    • No he still texts me... just not as much as he used to

    • Anyway, just wait for him to come back and see him face to face. Texting is not the best way to communicate.

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