Alright guys, texting other girls........?

Ok so I've been in a great relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years now and it's still great.:)

But a while ago I found out he was texting this friend of his. I text my guy friends as well sometimes but I've never tried to hide it, because I'm not doing anything wrong/shady.. I guess my q is why would he ask this girl for her number and hide it from me if she's just a friend? A few of the texts were telling her she's a great girl and that her boyfriend is silly for leaving her etc... I'm trying not to jump to conclusions because if my best friend Ryan were going thro a breakup I'd console him just the same. Is he being a bit tô shady, should I ask him what's up?


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  • He wanted to avoid drama most likely, a lot of people get jealous over nothing and if he's experianced it before, he'll be more inclined to "hide it".

    Also he shouldn't have to tell you every little thing that happens... if your friend breaks up, will you tell your boyfriend that they broke up?(if they aren't friends/know each other f.ex)

    Relationships are build on trust, your looking for a reason not to trust him... think of it what you will =)


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