Am I just worrying about nothing while she's home for summer break?

We only started officially dating in mid March after hanging out for a couple months before that. We've both never really been much into texting/calling, we're both far more comfortable with direct contact. But when she went home in late April (for 2 months) we obviously picked up on the indirect communication... problem is there is a definite reason I'm worrying.

This girl is my first actual girlfriend. The only girl I'd dated longer was a long-distance deal where we were talking all the time, then suddenly the talking tapered off for a few days and she was listed as in a relationship with another guy. I know it's irrational but the girl I'm dating now is extremely popular with guys, and even though I'm sure it's probably nothing I'm worried.

When she first left for home we were texting every night, saying that we missed each other, catching up, etc. 2 weeks later now we're not talking near as much, maybe one short conversation a day. She got very excited about something 4 days ago and called me because she was in such a good mood, and we had a Skype conversation two days ago... but we didn't talk almost at all this weekend.

She's got tickets to come visit in a few days though. Am I just worrying about nothing?


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  • She hasn't given you any reason to mistrust her. Don't worry.


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