If he calls you a kid...?

I really like this boy, he is extremely cute. I'm a freshman and he a sophomore...i just ended it with my boyfriend about a month ago and then one day I received a text sayin, hey. And I didn't have my phone so I didn't reply. he texted me again and later I replied. Ever sense then we have talked 24/7 even though he says he doesn't text first he always tells me to text him when I wake up and we text tell like midnight. I really began to like not only his looks but also his personality. He told me I was really cute and he'd date me but he is still in love with his ex girlfriend. And he's also hesitant to date girls younger then him because of his past. He said I was different though, more mature and a great person. We kept texting and he called me kid, my friend had my phone was playing around with him saying that I was a sexii kid. and then he didn't reply. I waited tell later that night around nine and texted him and said hey. He didn't reply so I just havent texted him sense and its been two days. Is this a really bad sign?


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  • No he's just not trying to lead you on...

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