Is it normal if your new man doesn't call much?

Ive been dating a guy for 6 weeks and we seem (so far) to be getting on really well. He's a friend of my friends boyf, and I've heard from my friend and her boyf that he said to them he really likes me and thinks that we could make a good couple. He's very affectionate and attentive when we go out together, he's very gentlemanly - always insists on paying, holds doors open etc.

But...he hardly ever calls or texts me. So far we've been seeing each other once/ sometimes twice a week, but I only hear from him when its to make plans to meet up, so about once a week. When he does text me its always with a nice tone, and he always replies quickly and doesn't leave me hanging, but its usually a fairly brief exchange and I've tried to throw a few silly things in there to keep the convo going a bit longer but he doesn't always bite. Its like he doesn't like the chit chat (although we have no issues talking about all sorts of things in person). For example, I stayed at his place on Friday night after we went out as I was over the alcohol limit to drive home, went home Saturday morning and Haven't heard from him since, and its now 11pm on Sunday night. It kind of feels to me like Sunday night would be the right time to have a 'hey, how was the rest of your weekend?' text.

Im not against texting him first, but I realized a few weeks ago that I was the one mostly initiating the contact and I feel like, as old fashioned as it sounds, if a man really likes you and is thinking about you then he will chase you. I don't mind contacting first but I also don't want to seem like I'm being needy or pushy, and I also don't want to be the only one doing all of the leg work. I don't expect a text every single day, but more than once a week to show me 'hey, I'm thinking about you' would be nice.

Im so confused, because his actions in person are totally opposite to what his phone phobia seems to imply (i.e. not interested). Does anyone have any thoughts on what this might be about? I Haven't said anything to him as we have only been dating 6 weeks and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to say anything yet.


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  • He is doing that because he read on GAG that women hate when men move too fast in a relationship because it makes them look desperate.


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  • some guys aren't much of phone people, but the guy I've been seeing for about a month now calls and/or texts me every day, throughout the day, to me the relationship isn't progressing much if we aren't talking enough. in all honesty if I don't hear from him every day now I start to get a bit concerned, after our third date he started talking a few times a week and after the fourth pretty much every single day.

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