Help With First Date Flop?

This guy and I had been texting for a few days now, and yesterday his cousin and my best friend who are dating made us double date with them. He was really talkative and witty through the texts, but when we met in person, he seemed like he was keeping his distance. I would walk up to him and start a conversation and he would just leave me hanging. Mind you, we had just met, and we spent about three hours together going through the same avoidance and me trying to steady that balance. I felt like he shouldn't have bothered if he wasn't going to even try to talk to me.

When he did talk, it was to his cousin, so my best friend and I basically sat by ourselves and talked and laughed. He kind of gave me this weird stare down when he first saw me, and we were fishing so I opted out of dressing up like a girlie girl. I did my hair and makeup and threw on jeans and sweatshirt...because we were fishing. He was super dressed up, and he was the only one not wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Which was also awkward. I just didn't know what to think, he was nothing like what I expected him to be. Like the first second he saw me he hated me, but he was super nice through messages. Nobody forced him into anything, he went in completely willing and it was actually his idea. I'm so confused!

After the date he told his cousin he didn't like me, and proceeded to ignore me. I didn't do anything weird or outlandish, I was polite, tried to smile and be nice. He made it so difficult! I'm just not sure what was up? He just closed down on me the moment I said hello. I don't get it? This has never happened before, even the quietest guys (I usually date guys that are pretty shy and...well nerdy. I never go for the sporty, player types.) open up after a while, I've even had one say to me, "Wow, I never thought you'd give a guy like me a chance, but you're pretty chill." I mean seriously, I don't get THIS guy's deal? Help?


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  • I admit he sounded a tad ruuuude but hey you can't help who you like and who you don't. Meeting someone in person is the true test to see if there is actually chemistry there and sounds like he's just not into it. Besides do really wanna get with a guy who shuts you down right away in meeting you? Naaah girl walk away, sounds like you dodged a bullet...

    • After thinking about it, I realized I did too! Thank god! :)

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