Starting to get paranoid that this chick ain't returning my phone calls?

so I sleep with this girl and we hit it off and she doesn't return my phone calls and only responds to some texts. I feel for her though Because she was molested as a kid, and had a terrible childhood and I'm super sensitive myself and she has been in a string of bad relationships and I wanna help her though. I have feelings for her but don't wanna scare her off I only call her once a day and sometimes shell pick up if I call more than once. but she seems to be blowing me off and I'm getting really depressed. I need advice.


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  • You're calling her every day?! That's way too much; you need to calm down and let her come to you when she's ready. You two hardly know each other, so you don't really know where you stand with her. Given her past trauma, she doesn't strike me as long-term relationship material. She has to be a functional human being first. There's nothing wrong with feeling sorry for her because of all the trauma she has endured, but you can't fix her problems; she has to do that herself.

    For now, try seeing her only once a week. (And only call her to arrange the next date you're going to go on with her.) If she's interested, she'll come to you when she wants more. If she's not interested, she'll stop returning your phone calls or turn you down when you ask her out.