I think I like this guy, but there's no chemistry?

I'm pretty sure I like an acquaintance of the last couple of months (even though we have only met a handful of times) e.g. I look forward to when he is around and feel sad when he leaves etc. The thing is, I feel like we have NO chemistry - well, the first time we met it was OK, we spent the day together and because we were strangers we had stuff to talk about.

After that, the times we've met I feel like our conversations are really brief and I find it hard to think of things to say, we just have small talk, and I find myself asking him random questions which he responds to in a friendly but brief manner. Bearing in mind this is within a larger group of people, not one to one - but even so, I'm thinking the chemistry is near non-existent!

Do you think it's possible to like someone when there's no chemistry? Maybe I don't actually like him but just think I do, focusing my thoughts on him in times of loneliness?


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  • It's clear you've put much thought into this issue. If you feel there's no chemistry, that says a lot already. Although it can be pretty awkward those first few times together since you're just beginning to learn about each other.

    My advice would be to just let things flow as they may. I do think it's possible to like someone without any initial chemistry, because the relationship is still growing. Trying to force it though never works out.


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  • well do you feel sexual attraction?