We haven't spoken but I want to see if everything is OK between us.?

There's a girl I've been friends with for awhile but we became friends while we used to work together, but we never hung out after work, we did flirt with each other so there was interest. Until about a few months ago we hadn't spoken in a while since I didn't work at that old job anymore, plus she changed phones so I didn't have her number. After not seeing her for a while I asked for her number and she gave it to me and since then we've been texting here and there slowly going from once every few days to every other day. She's very busy though because of work and school so for a few days when I would text her she wouldn't respond nor get back to me so I would text her after a few days and she'd respond, we'd talk for a while like an hour and a half to two hours and she'd initiate flirty comments and we'd have a good conversation. So going a few days without talking with her isn't abnormal since we both do have lives to live and we're not together. We both know we like each other and yes she'd go out to eat and hang with me if she was available because she said so. But about a week went by while I tried to contact her but she didn't reply so I didn't think too much of it, I let eight days go by since last Friday and didn't text her since one I had things to do and two I wanted her to just do what she had to do. So Friday I text her asking how she's been but got no reply, didn't text Saturday, and now it's Sunday. I want to call her but I'm not sure, she's never texted me first but that's standard girl behavior, when she does reply we have regular "boy likes girl, girl likes guy" conversations. When ever I see her at her job were nice to each other, look at each other, we don't really talk since she's busy while at work but that's fine, professionalism is key in the work place. But because she doesn't text me first it leaves me to do it, some say if a girl doesn't get in contact with you nor reply's much she isn't interested but that doesn't seem like that's the case because of how things have been going before a week ago. I haven't done anything wrong but it just seems weird, some girls do get scared when guys show continued interest and many other things but it just seems dumb to not contact her to see if everything's OK. Because if there is a problem I don't wanna be the guy that just stops communication without checking. Miscommunication is the reason why many relationships don't work out or never even get started so I want to avoid such ignorance. Any girls think this is a good idea?


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  • Nothing bad can come from asking but you do need to consider the things you have already stated. She's a very busy woman and sometimes when someones busy they tend to loose the same constant connection they have with people. I would know because I am a very busy woman and my boyfriend after two days would simply ask "Are you okay" or "Did I do something wrong" giving me the opportunity to inform him I was extremely busy these past days. But yeah, I definitley think you should ask. A girl usually likes men would show continued interest.

    • Thanks this is good information, many people say girls in general would find time for those they like but I said sometimes people are just extremely busy and can't focus on other things too much but that doesn't mean they don't care. Good advice.

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