When do you progess from online dating to meeting?

Is it in levels like first e-mail, then, text, then, phone call, then ask for a meet.

Also if it is when do you do each of these things? (After 3 messages etc?)

Wow good answers folks, thank you very much. I know it might sound like troll here, but I'm looking for a easy lay every time, so I'm looking for a wash rinse repeat method haha. Hey! I'm young :B
Thank you the other folks for a excellent! answer, you all, are right on the ball as my friend says in any game get in quick and get out. He says cellphones change the game up a bit, so get a around 3 emails ask if you can text, then around 3 texts ask for a meet.
Big problem now lol is girls will postpone metting meaning they will stop talking to u. :[


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  • i've only done it a few times, I hate online dating.

    i only went out with one guy from online, and came close to a few others, but I HATE online dating.

    guy I actually went on a date with:

    he messaged me-->after a few messages he asked me to email him--->after a few emails, within 2 days or so, he asked me to meet and for my number--->he called the next day and within a few days we went on a date. he texted me to plan the date but didn't really talk to me much in general. he liked me a lot after the date and immediately texted me that he had fun after, but I wasn't into him so I sent him a message the next day, a very nice one, telling him that. he still tried to contact me a few times after.

    another guy, I actually messaged but he imed me and asked for my number, but took over a week to text me, which was pretty lame. and he was asking all these way too personal questions for a first conversation he was weird. so I let our text convo fizzle fast.

    another one was messaging me back for a long time and he would take days between messages, like he was timing it. it was lame, and it took him forever to even email.

    there is no set time, but I don't believe in dilly dallying because you don't know sh*t until you meet in person. I think that within a week of meeting online you should be talking on the phone or texting and setting up a date within a few days.

    • Good answer

    • Yea I ask questions like what's your dream job etc, nothing sexual. Don't know if that's bad? Also I'd love to meet these girls quick but seems likes a lot of them chicken out?

    • Thank u! faster the better lol online game

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  • I don't have a ton of experience with online dating but I did date a girl once I met online for a short period of time and the exchange went like this. She winked and me and I messaged her back. We sent 3-4 messages back and forth for about a week or 2, then I asked if she would be interested in grabbing some coffee the following weekend. She agreed and we exchanged numbers. We texting each other here and there in the week leading up to the date (which by the way was very helpful is breaking the ice and making the date a bit less nerve racking). Then obviously we finally went on our date and continued to hang out multiple times after that.

  • Update@ Just go to adult friend finder or something, instead of wasting your time on mainstream sites. 9/10 girls on those sites are going to think you're a creeper.

    • Oh, okay, but I try to play them on plentyoffbish. I act nice and polite as hell. Nothing nothing sexual just to get into there panties, you know what I mean. I don't it once after 5000 messages. wanna do this more like one in 5.

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    • Sht The Fck Up and get of out of my questionaire. I will find you, I will kill u! wahahaha

    • I rest my case.

  • I've done it as soon as just after one conversation, to meeting the next day.

    While I say an immediate meeting after just one convo is a little quick, I find that sooner is DEFINITELY better than later

  • For me, it usually works out to 2-4 e-mail rounds, then I ask her for her phone number. Most of the time, she'll give it to me; every now and then she wants to arrange the meeting via e-mail without giving me her phone number, which is also OK. I always call first; if she prefers to text, she'll let me know by sending me a text instead of calling me back.