How should I treat a girl who has had an abusive past?

I slept with this girl not long ago. She seemed really sweet and great. I am starting to think she manipulated and used me. She was molested as a kid and has had a sleu of abusive relationships in the past. I can tell she is sensitive and so am I.

I have been nice to her and sweet but not overly so. However she is starting to reveal a rude bitchy side not returning my calls and kind of being a ****. I don't know what's up with her, when she blows me off to do laundry that's a bad sign. I really wanna lay into her and flip out and be nasty Because maybe shell dig me more for it ya know. but I use to sympathize with her and felt bad Because of her past but now I'm seeing a different side and am starting to despise her.

should I give her a piece of my mind or not.


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  • She probably has some trust issues from her abusive past. Subconsciously, by acting that way, she might be trying to sabotage something that could be good before it turns out to be another trap. I honestly couldn't give you any sure-fine advise for how to deal with this, but you have to be ever so patient. Lashing out at her might only cause her to regress.

    • thanks for that really that's really good advice...thank you

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  • You shouldn't be harsh.

    You should just take your distances and ignore her. Not only will this bother her more than arguing, but also you won't lose your self-esteem looking back to it in the future.