Would you consider this relationship scenario wrong?

Here are the facts

Assume there is a heterosexual relationship. The couple have been going out for more 2 years and live together. No one has cheated and both have morals which do not condone cheating in any form. Both go out and do their own thing, see their own friends if they like.

Now let's take a scenario:

Assume one of the person's from the couple go out with their friends clubbing etc. Then that person(let's call him/her A) meets a person from the opposite gender(let's call him/her B). A gets a long with B because he/she seems to very similiar in many ways(interests, intelligence, hobbies, religious views).

Assume A is in no way interested in being anything more than friends, but B however is interested in things perhaps going further then friends despite knowing A has a partner.

Do you think it is right(or fair to A's partner) in all aspects for A to continue being friends with B? (Assuming A is at the minimum not entirely sure if B feels this way about him/her, but A's partner(lets call him/her C) is quite sure B feels this away about A.)


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  • If I met someone and even had a small inclination they wanted to be more friends and my boyfriend was uncomfortable with me hanging out alone with them because he felt the person wanted to be more than friends, out of respect for my boyfriend and to protect myself from the guy possibly coming onto me, I would stop hanging out with him alone. I could still be friendly with him-say hi, respond to texts, hang out in groups, etc. but yes I would feel 'wrong' for pursuing a friendship with him any further.


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  • I think that if it's a solid relationship, and person B is faithful to their partner, that it's not a big deal. So what? let A pursue B. If B loves C, then there should be no problem. There's nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite gender. Most of my friends are males.

  • No, that is just inviting person A to cheating. It is temptation and very dangerous

  • Wow I'm kinda in that situation now, Except my man hasn't told me to stop hanging out with the guy because he's friends with us both. But I'm never alone with him. It's really hard being in a relationship you feel is promising but at the same time theirs a what if with someone else.

    • So do you think still being friend's with this guy and not telling your man about the way you feel is right or wrong?

    • I feel it's wrong, I Haven't cheated or anything like that. It's just when I'm around him the feelings are strong, I guess I can't be around him which is hard because we all hang together as a group. Regarding friends, We all do everything together so I'm never alone with him. Maybe if I was ever alone we could get some things resolved, Because by his actions I know it's a lot he want to say in ask me.

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  • What?

    I say no.

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