He hasn't called for 3 days, is it over?

I've been dating a guy for 2 months and things have been going really well. The last time we hung out was last weekend for my birthday. We had our first argument (it was really small) but we talked about it the next day and things were fine (a little awkward, but fine and we continued to hang out the rest of the weekend). It has been 3 days since he's called or texted...so does this mean its over? And should I send him a text or just wait?


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  • He may just be busy or maybe waiting for you to make the 1st move. I'm sure all will be fine. Don't panic, I know it's hard. I panic if I don't get a response and it's normally for a valid reason.

    Call him, it has been a few days. There is nothing wrong with you making the 1st move/contacting him. Don't mention the fact that he has not contacted you or talk about the argument. Just be your self and have a chat. Talk about how he is, how you are. Ask if he has been up to much etc.

    If he does not answer, leave him a message, saying something like I just thought Id say hi and see how you are.

    Leave it at that and wait for him to call. I'm sure all will be fine. Only he can tell you if it is over!


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  • Have you tried getting in touch with him? If not...just call or txt and say hey.. Could be that he's just busy..or maybe still feeling awkward about the argument especially if it was his fault. The first time my boyfriend and I argued, he felt horrible about it and it took awhile for things to return to normal. Granted it was a pretty huge thing, but all the same...whenever we get into a tiff, he feels anxious and works harder to try and get over it/get his mind off of it which means less contact with me.

    I just call him as usual...I get over stuff pretty quickly, so that rubs off on him and he feels better too.

  • I would text or call him once before assuming it's over.

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