Text a coworker's number?

So I have this really gorgeous coworker and I'm not really sure if she's single right now or not, but I'm going to ask around and see if she is. I've only worked with her 2 or 3 times on the same shift and were usually so busy that we hardly see each other or talk. but whenever I left for the day she said bye to me specifically and thanks for the hard work (usually people don't say anything there) so I don't know if that was just being nice or flirting a little bit. anyway one night she called everybody to see if they could work for her the next day. I didn't answer cause it was about 12:30 and had school early the next day and didn't have her number before then. would it be weird if I texted her to say and to talk? like show her I'm interested lol


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  • Go for it and explain the problem..


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