Girl on dating site, she wanna date even though she says she wants to be friends.

So I found a girl on a dating site, we talked, and had conversations and what not, and she wants to meet, I myself however am not sure If I do. But girls are very sensitive (or me at least) I've found with giving out phone #s, in the past I felt like when I ask sometimes the reaction sounds like "go screw off" or something, , this girl gave me her e-mail and phone number, and which I never asked for. She says wants to be friends for now before she gave me her number, so if girls in which I think are sensitive about giving out numbers, and she just gives me hers. Do she actually like me but afraid to say it?


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  • Don't ask a girl who you've never met if she likes you. She has already answered that with her behavior. Online dating is the only time its okay for a girl NOT to give her number. Too many crazy people out there. If after you both have sent around 5 emails each...ask for the number..if they say no..its okay..then just ask them to met you somewhere (in public). Be very specific about the time and place. Keep the date to about 90 min long...if things are can cut it She said friends..but what she meant was she wants to meet you in person..and see who you really are. Then if she likes you more..and trusts you..she will likely give you her number. At the end of the first date...when you're about to part ways...ask her for the phone number. If she declines then you should move on. Good luck bro.

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