Quick question for girls! When do you want a guy to call?

Let's say a guy approaches you. Some guy you've never met before. You give him your number. When do you want him to call to ask you out? Sorry I can't add a poll, so choose from one of the options:

A) Same day.

B) Next day.

C) 2-3 days.

D) 4-7 days.

E) Over a week.

And I guess the question is when SHOULD the guy call...not just when you want him to call.


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  • next day.

    if I give him my number in the middle of the day I could be doing something later or just be tired and if he texts the same day its like woah your eager and ehh.. idk

    the next day sounds good to me

    any longer is just too long.

    2-3 days? I'll think you're ignoring me!


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  • A or B :)

  • It depends on the guys personality and how well we get along; generally, a-b.

  • B or C.

  • depends on the situation. if its urgent than same day.. if its less urgent either next day or 2-3 days

    • Well there's a concert tomorrow night and my friend I was going with just canceled on me so I was thinking about calling her and asking. Would that be too soon? It's a little late tonight so I was thinking about calling around noon tomorrow...is that a good idea? Or should I find someone else to go with and ask her out on a different date in a couple days?

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    • Well it's 11:30. I knew my friend canceled at 9:30, so I could have called then but I was worried I'd come on too strong. But yea, I'll give her a call tomorrow morning :) just hope for the best. Before I asked for her number or anything, she started to leave but asked for my name. So that's a pretty good sign I'd hope! If she didn't care to know me, she would have just walked away.

    • you can keep it simple by saying... "im sorry for the late notice but there is a concert tonight which I have an extra ticket and I would love to know if you are free to go with me" I wish you all the best. let me know how it goes :)

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