Should I still hang out with him tomorrow?

I asked one of my guy friends I graduated with to go visit our high school with me tomorrow because none of my other friends wanted to go. This guy sometimes tries to be flirty in texts. Like, if I say anything about being cold he'll say something about cuddling and I'll play it off like "lol coincidence! I'm cuddling with my dog right now." Or he'll call me beautiful and I'll say "haha thanks. so is it raining there?" Sometimes I just won't reply, but I don't like being rude.

Lately, he hasn't been saying things like that. That's why I asked him to meet me tomorrow. After I texted him about meeting me we were texting off and on throughout the day. We were talking about school and in the middle of the conversation he just goes "you have beautiful eyes." I was like, dammit! Why? I said thanks and changed the subject.

Now I'm afraid he thinks I like him because I asked him to meet up tomorrow. I like him as a friend, but nothing else.

Should I just go and act like I usually do, as in friendly? It's only going to be for an hour or so. Or would that be giving him the wrong idea?


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  • Ok. This guy obviously likes you at least a little bit. But he probably feels slight rejection. But he still wants you. Guys like an honest girl: if you DON"T like his flirting, tell him clearly to stop. Guys respect a girl who can clearly state her opinion. But if you do like it, flirt back. Flirting is fun and mostly harmless. You should still go. If you cancel, he might feel serious rejection. Guys have brains (most of them...) : he knows you just asked him as a friend. Treat him like an intelligent person and talk to him. You should still go.