Said she thought a lot about our kiss

So we kiss after a date and then we get talking a few days later and the kiss comes up. I told her I liked it.. she told me she had thought about it a lot that night... and mentioned it was poor timing on her part with her leaving and everything for a few weeks and that she does not do that monrally on the first date like I mentioned. Then she said sorry for her awkwardness and her lack to find words on explaining what she thought of it. Then a few min later she mentioned she was glad I brought it up! and said how she had definitely thought about it a lot actually. We Skyped a day later for a while through video. I guess I am not sure how to take what she said. Anyone have any thoughts? Did she like it? She said she wanted to go out again. Any input would be great!


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  • i dunno... I'm not complecated person... I tried but I can't , sorry!


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