Girls, what was your best first date ever?

What was your best first date ever? What did you guys do and what made it so great?


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  • we just went for coffee and a walk, but we just hit it off really well and have been seeing each other so to me that makes it the best first date of my life so far. we just...clicked.


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  • My best "first date" ever wasn't even with somebody who I cared about.

    This guy who it never would have worked with took me to the city and we walked around, and then he walked me to the boardwalk, and kissed me out on the pier. It was a really romantic moment. I feel like he'd planned the whole thing out in advance and made it seem very casual.

  • Well I haven't had a first date but if I HAD I would want to go to Six Flags. And then our date would end with a sweet little kiss while sharing an ice cream cone


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