How to start dating late in the game?

So I'm a 20 year old sophomore in college who has never had a boyfriend or dated anyone. I have no idea how to interact with guys! I don't even know how to flirt properly. I've spent most of my life being proud of my single-ness and I thought the idea of going out with a guy was trivial and a waste of time. I rejected everyone that asked me out. Now I'm older, and I realized I've missed out on learning the normal boy-girl interactions that everyone gets experience with in middle school through high school. I would really like to give dating a try, and see where it takes me. If I end up getting a relationship, great! If not, well then I'm just back where I started.

So! Where do I start? It appears as most of the guys I've met in college are either already in a relationship, or are rocking the single mentality, only looking for sex. Obviously I'm not ready for that. (I'd like to at least have a first kiss before all that!) What do I do?


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  • I'm 32, and have about 5 months in total with dating experience. It happens more than you might think. But my experiences make me smarter, and I get better at it.

    And what I know about girls could fill a page on a sheet of paper, if I used 50 point font, triple spaced and with drawings. ;) You all still like hearts, unicorns, and shoes, right?

    Well, what do you like to do that guys you are attracted to would do? You like nerds? Go to a Trekkie convention or invite a bunch of people over for B Movie marathon in your dorm. You like intellectuals? Go to poetry readings, join book clubs, etc. Be the person you'd like to attract. Expand your horizons; and be social (but not to where it's going to ruin your GPA).

    And don't stress about being single. If you stress and freak out about it, it's going to make you less attractive. Good luck.


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  • if you don't know how to treat a guy or desire one or want/desire sex eventually than your just going to waste a guys time

    the only thing you can do is YOU have to want a guy, then ask him out, and initiate things with him

    and you turned down a lot of guys in the past so guys labeled you as unavailable so your not going to have any luck in a guy approaching you unless the guy is a complete moron

  • won't hurt you as much as it hurts guys, I'm 22 and in the same boat, because girls dislike inexperience more than guys do, which is unfair


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  • flirt, talk to guys more