What to say in my first text?

So I really like this girl and we flirt heaps, I met her through work friends. I got her number the other day and was wondering what should I send/talk about in my first SMS convo with her? What's some things I should/shouldn't do/say?

Thanks :)


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  • I think that the first text shound't be like a date, it should be some casual event. Like if you hear about some party, text her saying something like "hey I'm going to this really cool party tonight, I thought you might want to come and catch up with me and all our friends from work will be there". Just keep it casual the first time you text her. But if that kind of oppurtunity doesn't come up then don't worry about it. Just try to find any chance to talk to her and build up a strong relationship so that you can text her like any other normal person. Keep flirting, complement her ALL THE TIME ! And then ask her out on a date if you get a lot of positive feed back. Hope this helped ! :)


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  • Don't go all dirty "I want to have sex" right away. How would you start a normal conversation? And think about calling her instead.


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